Gay or Straight, the Foundation Stands!

by Eric Burd

…if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps 11:3)

Two weeks ago the US Supreme Court re-visited its anti-constitutional role of legislating morality. By a slim majority they invented a requirement that all 50 states Rainbow Flagrecognize “homosexual marriage” as marriage. The Supreme Court decided this, but God did not! Who wins this tug-of-war? God, of course. And while a ceremony between two people of the same gender may be a secular contract, it will never be marriage.

Marriage is a God-designed institution. He created the law for marriage just as He did the law for gravity. God alone can define marriage, which he did in Genesis 2:24-25: Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. So there is no misunderstanding, in the original language the word for wife is the same word as for woman. For marriage to be ratified in heaven, it has to be between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court cannot change this principle. If they can, they can prove it by outlawing gravity, which should then cause things to fall up. Not likely.

As in most cultures, homosexuality in the US has always been recognized as abnormal – even by homosexuals. But with the rise of Political Correctness (PC) and its mantra of “tolerance,” we are abandoning boundaries of morality that God has long established. Not only homosexuality, but a variety of other sexual perversions are being christened by Lady Tolerance as “completely normal” and are tragically being accepted as such, even in “Christian” circles.

But Christians are not “against” homosexual people. We do not loathe or fear them and we long for their welfare as much as anyone else’s. We do, however, fear God. We fear the proven consequences of unrestrained sin in a society. We aspire to persuade men to godliness and to promote values that preserve a nation. Yet, when we do, we are labeled hateful and intolerant while we stand by waiting for the same court that venerates the proclamation of decadence to ban the proclamation of righteousness.

We should know that the real target of all of this is not the perishing masses. The real target is the church. The devil can read the Bible, too, and he is working to crumble the foundations of holiness! (I)f the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The “foundation” is sound doctrine, the story of the risen Christ. This message is prone to producing godliness. And when THAT foundation is silenced, what CAN the righteous do? Can you see the devil smugly perched on the conductor’s stand, looking down over our culture? With his conductor’s baton in one hand he is joyfully arousing a forte of perverse clamor. With the other hand he is softly hushing the right to a complete fading out. This is his plan, to utterly blur the lines of godliness while propping up a false righteousness of tolerance and non-judgmentalism. It is a one-two punch! Satan is peer-pressuring the culture into decline, while strategically discrediting the voices that would forestall its complete collapse.

Now let us be clear, the problem is not the presence of sin. “Closet sins” will always be with us. The compulsion of men to hide their sin actually signals a healthy society. The fact that so-called Christians can come “out of the closet” in the midst of the church without being contested is a sign of a sick church.

We must see “tolerance” for what it is: the perversion of the divine attributes of mercy and compassion. Mercy and compassion are most glorified as they accompany the gospel of repentance. PC’s tolerance is opposite to these. It is, in practice, tacit permission for men to destroy themselves and the innocent around them. Tolerance normalizes sin and numbs both the sense of conviction and the need for repentance. It leaves men and women on a spiritual “Titanic” where they sink into a frightful destiny while believing they are sailing into safe harbor. Tolerance is designed to propagate rebellion against God. It is a fiery dart being shot into the heart of the Body of Christ – where a bulls-eye results in Satan’s agenda for mainstream Christianity.

But – be not dismayed. We win! But not by acquiescing to this bad symphony. Regardless of the rising clamor of amorality, our voices must never fade. This very score was rehearsed in the mind of God from the foundation of the world. He, too, is on a conductor’s stand…the Great Throne of Heaven. And He has purpose in all of this. It will all be to His glory! John 1:5 says of Jesus: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. That verse will never change. The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord. Regardless of what society, Lady Tolerance, or the Supreme Court embrace, gay or straight – we know that the Foundation of Christ will always stand. Let us stand on that foundation, and proclaim it to the world!


About Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches

HOFFC is at the heart of an exciting movement that the Holy Spirit is bringing to the contemporary church as God raises up a host of like-minded family-integrated churches across the land. These churches work from the biblical mandate of helping equip parents to disciple their children. Rather than dividing families at the door, the family engages in the church experience together, as a unit. Pastors / Elders walk alongside parents who have discovered God’s call upon them to make the home the primary place of discipleship for the entire family. Jesus Christ remains central to our churches. We preach expository messages, maintaining a continuous emphasis upon living out the gospel before our children, the church and the world. Discipleship is not reserved for the church staff, or conducted always through many staff-led programs; rather, there is a complementarian partnership between church and home, both recognizing the home as the primary conduit of the gospel from one generation the next. HOFFC is an association - a family - of like-minded, evangelical, autonomous family-integrated churches. Since the 90s, HOFFC has grown from one small congregation in Portland, OR, into hundreds of families in various states across the country. Churches and families alike have experienced much joy and fruitfulness in this great adventure of uniting church and home in working toward this gospel-centered vision.
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4 Responses to Gay or Straight, the Foundation Stands!

  1. Nick says:

    FIrst, a minor quibble, Eric: “tolerance” as practiced and defined by the pro-sodomite crowd is certainly no “Lady”. It is more akin to a tramp.

    The reakl travesty of this “opinion” is that we who hold fast to God’s Word and moral standards have been set up to be persecuted, as many already have. Witness the draconian treatment of the Kleins in Gresham, fined $135,000, payable to the two lesbian females for whose ceremony they declined to make the cake, this travesty of justice being perpetrated by an administrative law court under Oregon’s Labor and Industries department.

    Yes, we must stand firm, abiding by God’s Word and HIS standards for our own conduct. We must further refrain from any antagonism or attack against those who participate in these perversions.. and as well, those related violations of God’s standards for marriage: adultery, easy divorce, remarriage after divorce (when not exempted under the two provisions in the Word), couples “lliving together”, pornography, (which might even dictate we do NOT go and view certain recent popular films and TV series….. I wonder how many of us used to watch that New York show “Friends”……or the antics of Miley Cyrus… or Brokeback Mountain….)

    The word “culture” derives from the latin word “cultus”, worship, and is defined as the outworking in a society of the things that people worship. As a people our nation have given our children over to the government for their programming, er, squeeze me, education (FATHERS teach your children?) we look to government for our security and protection (if your Father feeds even the sparrows, ha’pence the one, will He not all the more feed YOU?) given over to the state the authority over marriage (licensing for a fee, seeking their “approval”), allowed Planned Parenthood to define morality in places like the Girl Scouts and government schools, and pay them for it, and looking to nine unelected and unaccountable lawmakers in black pyjamas to define reality for us. (we never raised much of a ruckus over Roe or Lawrence, did we? Nor over the kangaroo kourt “decision” out of California, by a flaming sodomite “judge” that tossed the expressed will of the people of that state out the window, then the Nine declined to grant certiori and hear it… though neither court had jurisdiction in that matter anyway. Nor did the SCOTUS have proper authority to hear Obergefell……..

    SO, whilst we DO need to be about living as is appropriate for God’s people we also need to be about using the processes made available to us by Providence to work toward refusing to allow unelected and unethical publically fed magistrates to dictate how we should live. We KNOW how we ought live…. no matter WHAT those who do not yet bow the knee to the Lord of Glory and hear HIM. I recently read, with great satisfacion, how quite a number of persecuted christian groups in Iraq have managed to arm themselves, formed militia, and are busy about taking back some of their cities from which the moslems have driven them by their persecutions. And no, I am NOT advocating taking up arms against the sodomites. I DO advocate taking every opportunity to push back against their attempts, far too often successful of late, to force us to abandon our faith, to turn traitor to the God whom we serve. They who would force us to participate in these abominations at their will MUST be resisted firmly, and concertedly. Else we will too soon find ourselves in the position of our Kurdish and Coptic bretheren in the mid-east….. or those of our same faith in Nigeria, Sudan, etc. Driven from their homes, beheaded for not complying, enslaved…… the church have been complacent and sick for far too long. Will we turn and defeat the cancer at the root of this, or will we continue “waiting for the rapture” when Jesus will return and “fix it all”? (I understand most of us are NOT in that camp…. but I’ll wager most of us know plenty who are…… and who need their eyes opened).

  2. Dave Barrueto says:

    Thank you, Eric, for your inspiring and eloquent post!
    Part of what “the righteous” can do is what Jesus did for us – to lay our lives down for the “flesh and blood” that views the righteous as their enemy, for we wrestle against “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” – Eph. 6:12

  3. Good point, David. As believers we can strive to compete with them at at every point: in congress, in the courts and in the overall cultural conversation. But only Spirit-directed and selfless love will inject grace into this debate! Lord grant us grace for grace.

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